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ALKIONI was established in 1995 in Paros as a non- profit Wildlife Care and Protection Association, aiming at:

  • The Protection and re-integration in nature of all the wounded, weak or sick Wild Animals, which are treated at the Association’s hospital.
  • The protection of the Fauna though the Environmental Training, the Awareness and the Collaboration of the citizens and the protection of biotopes by the collection of information and researches and through informative, state and when necessary legal procedures.


The operation of ALKIONI is based exclusively on voluntary work.

The people that work in the Association are volunteers that belong to the permanent staff of Paros or Athens or work at first-aid stations all over Greece or are scientific collaborators of our Association.

Tel. +302284022931, +306944741616

The new premises of Alkioni

The ever increasing number of animals received and housed in ALKIONI during the three first years of its operation, created the need of expanding and moving into bigger premises. Alkioni was allotted a site of 12.60 square kilometers, which is located at the area of Kamares, in Paros, by the Monastery of Logovarda, which kindly offered this solution, for a symbolic rent, in order to build the new installations of the Association.

In the winter of 1997-98, the Association’s engineers and architects presented their ambitious plans of turning the site into one of the most organized and luxurious Wildlife Hospitals of Europe.

From March 1998, when works started, to June 2000, when ALKIONI’s new premises were finished, 112 volunteers worked in the site, who came to Paros for this purpose from all over the world.

It is worth noting that the money for the construction material was raised by donations of individuals, friends of the Association and by companies sponsoring the new installations. Let’s take a tour at the installations, starting from the building that is situated right after the central entrance.

The stone building of 220 sq. meters houses:

  • The operating theater
  • The radiological laboratory
  • 2 first-aid rooms
  • The environmental education room
  • The office
  • The volunteers' dormitories
  • The volunteers' kitchen
  • The volunteers and visitors toilet
  • The animal feed laboratory
  • The storehouse

Wildlife hospital

To the west of the hospital, there is a path that leads to the observatory, where from you can see the crippled water birds.

The visitors must know that the observatory is the only point, where from they can see some of the birds that are housed in ALKIONI. The only reason is that while in captivity, wild birds suffer from stress, which is maximized by the human presence and the human voice.

The space where crippled water birds are housed is a fenced area of 1,5 square kilometers, with an artificial lake of 35 square meters. This area also includes artificial galleries for the protection of the birds from the sunlight, the rain and the wind. In the spring of 1998, tens of fast growing trees were planted in this area, forming a small wood.

To the east of the abovementioned area, there is a fenced area of 800 square meters, where crippled sea-gulls are housed. This area also includes an artificial lake and many trees.

The biggest work – after the building – regarding the installations of ALKIONI in Paros, are the closed cages of 1000 square meters in area, which house all kinds of birds under treatment.

These 19 cages are specially constructed for each species they are going to house and their sizes vary from (6m. length X 3m. height X 2m. width) for small birds to (20m. length X 4 m. height X 6 m. width) for the big birds of prey, which are going to be released.

At the west side of the site, there are three wooden prefabricated storehouses, of 7X6 meters each.

From March of 1998 to this day, more than 600 trees have been planted in the site, while the only unplanted areas are those where the extensions of the building and cages are going to be constructed. In 2011, a photovoltaic park has been constructed in the Association's site, which has been funded by the Stavros Niarchos foundation and covers all the energy needs of the installations.

Care of birds at the Association Alkioni in Paros

The sponsors of ALKIONI and its 112 volunteers from all over the world worked intensively for 2,5 years, in order to finish the first specially designed and constructed Wildlife Hospital in Greece.

Environmental education

From the beginning of ALKIONI's operation in Paros, the environmental education has always been our first priority. The educational process will contribute in the formation of responsible citizens, who are going to respect nature and reduce the causes of its anthropogenic downgrading.

Schools participate in almost every cured bird release of ALKIONI. The release is followed by a speech in the classroom with the projection of slides and discussion with the pupils.

When the first phase of the works at the new installations has been completed in June 2000, ALKIONI acquired one more base to practice environmental education. The environmental education room has been completed and is ready to be used.

Since then, more than 450 schools have visited the environmental education room at the new installations of ALKIONI, while the volunteers of ALKIONI have been to an equal number of schools all around Greece for presentations.

Hospitalization of an owl in association Alkioni in Paros

Publishing activity

A book entitled “First Aid for Wild Birds” has been published by Philippotis editions, in August 1999. This book was written by the veterinarian Panos Marafelias and by the director of ALKIONI, Marios Fournaris.

It contains simple instructions that can be easily followed by anyone to provide first aid before moving the bird to an organized hospital for treatment.

Tens of articles in magazines and newspapers about the work of ALKIONI aim at the awareness of the public opinion on the protection and respect of the environment.

The veterinarians that collaborate with Alkioni in the first aid stations

  • Antonis Labrou Central installations (Paros)
  • Panos Marafelias (Athens)
  • Marika Ioannidou (Rhodes)
  • Maria Kabouraki (Chania)
  • Margarita Valdi (Santorini)
  • Dimitris Vassalakis (Naxos)

The staff of Alkioni

The staff of ALKIONI is composed of the volunteers of ALKIONI who work in Paros, of the volunteers that work at the first aid stations and the scientific collaborators of the Association.

The volunteers of ALKIONI who are working in Paros are four to thirty persons, who offer daily eight-hour voluntary work.

The number of persons who are working in ALKIONI is not fixed, since it depends on the Association’s needs in working hands and on the offer of voluntary work (for example, in spring and in summer, the offer of voluntary work is increased).

Volunteers are taking care of the daily works regarding the animals (feeding, cleaning etc), and of other works such as constructions, looking after the trees and watering them, planting new trees, guiding the visitors, enriching the web page of the Association etc.

ALKIONI can accommodate up to five volunteers at its new installations in Paros.


Release of a wild bird from Alkioni Association Treatment of wild bird from Alkioni Association Wildlife treatment from Alkioni Association

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