The natura areas of Paros

Information on the natura zones of Paros

Description of the nature in Paros

The valley of butterflies in Paros

The flora of Paros is not so different from that of the other islands of the Cyclades and up to now, no endangered species have been detected on the island. The flora species that exist in Paros today are the following: carob tree, kermes oak, salt cedar, cedar, common juniper, pistacia, wild olive tree and thyme.

Photograph with a small bird in Paros

The biggest part of the natural vegetation of Paros is degrading due to the grazing, the building activity and the summer fires and it has been naturally replaced by bushes and grasslands. In reforested areas, there are also pines.

Jackrabbits and common rabbits are among the mammals of Paros’ fauna.

Partridges are characteristic birds of Paros. In Paros there are also migratory birds such as woodcocks, wood-pigeons, turtledoves, and many water birds. The main species of the bird fauna of Paros are: collared doves, screech owls, owls, bee-eaters, barn swallows, crows, green-linnets, goldfinches, falcon-gentles, long-legged buzzards, Audouin’s gulls, yellow-legged gulls, rock doves, wagtails.

The protected designated Natura areas in Paros are the following:

  • The area of the marsh of Kolibithres, which is located to the north-west of the village of Naoussa and which is 30 stremmas in area (1 stremma=1.000 m²).
  • The lagoon of Santa Maria, 2km. to the east of Naoussa, which is 20 stremmas in area
  • The ravine with the butterflies, which is situated at the center of the island of Paros, close to the monastery of Christ. In this area there is a creek, twigs, Kermes oaks and common junipers. This biotope is of high ecological importance, because of the presence of the Tiger Month butterfly, a rare phenomenon in Greece
  • The entire area of Molos, which is a village on the eastern part of Paros
  • All the small islands around the island of Paros


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