When to visit Paros

The seasons in Paros and what you shall find in every period

Visit Paros all seasons!

Sunset in Paros

Paros with its natural beauties and its mild climate is an ideal destination almost all year round. In Paros, every season has and reveals its own unique delights, seducing the visitors.


In spring, Paros is literally reborn. The visitor can admire the rich delights of Paros’ flora. Everything is covered by a rich green carpet of a great variety of wild flowers, aromatic herbs, oleanders and many more plants that awaken your senses. The eyes are flooded with colors, your nose experiences a storm of smells, the melodic sounds of the breeze and bird tweets fascinate you.

BLooming wild flowers in springtime in Paros

In spring, the Parians are also in a state of vigilance. They must renovate their houses, their villages and their businesses. Everybody is preparing for the new season by refreshing their houses, whitewashing their yards and alleys, preparing the seasonal businesses.

  • Walk its trails
  • Attend a feast
  • Live a memorable Easter
  • Make your first swim

Easter in Paros

Easter is an exceptional experience in Paros, with the unique custom of the representation of Christ’s Passion during the Epitaph procession in Marpissa, Marmara, Prodromos and in Lefkes. The devout atmosphere with the psalmodies and the smell of incense during the Epitaph procession in the village alleys will take you back in time. The exceptional representations of Christ's Passion in various parts of the route are a custom that dates back to the twenties and has not changed at all. Of course, the visitors who prefer peace and quiet can enjoy the devout atmosphere of a monastery.

A chapel in Paros with a blue dome

On Easter Sunday, the smell of lamps of he spit, songs and joy are coming from every yard and every neighborhood. In many villages we celebrate the feast of love. There is food, wine, music and dance for everybody.

  • Swim in the crystal clear waters
  • Have fun till morning
  • Wander around the alleys


For those who prefer to go on vacation in autumn, Paros, this blessed place, is one of the best destinations. Its nature, due to its climate conditions still is exceptionally beautiful, since a great number of plants grow in autumn. The mild weather allows long walks, cycling and riding.

Traditional distillery of souma in Paros

Towards the end of October, the lucky visitors will participate in the process of making souma (a type of raki)... The distillation process to make the souma of the year is a feast, an occasion to have fun with good company, food, souma, music and dance. In Paros tens of raki distillers are still working and the whole "festive" process is one of the most interesting local activities.

  • Walk its trails
  • See the process of making souma
  • Enjoy your swim without crowds
  • Cheaper stay


In the summer, Paros is full of life. Bathed in light, it waits for its visitors to offer them unforgettable moments. You can swim in the deep blue waters of the beaches that are awarded the Blue Flag, participate in local festivals, go to the theatre, to concerts, to art exhibitions and to many more events. You can also enjoy water sports and games in organized beaches, try the local products and party all day long!

If you are fans of alternative tourism, you can go trekking, following Paros’ paths, cycling, riding or diving to explore and admire the secrets of Paros' underwater world.

Trip by boat in Paros

If you want to get to know the history of Paros, you can visit its museums, the most important of which is the Archaeological Museum of Paros. You can also explore the countless churches of Paros, which are hidden in every village and at the inland and of course you must visit the church of Panagia Ekatonatpiliani (the Virgin Mary of 100 doors) in Parikia. The Byzantine Museum of Paros, with its many exhibits, is housed in the complex of buildings of Ekatontapiliani.

  • Swim in the crystal clear waters
  • Have fun till morning
  • Wander around the alleys


A fishing boat in Paros in summertime The church of Agios Antonis in a cloudy day Caper flower The central square of Lefkes The seaside village Piso Livadi, in summertime Diving in Paros Enjoying the sea during summertime Stormy sea in winter in Paros Enjoying the sea with windsurf

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