Fifteenth of August in Paros

One of the most important celebrations of Orthodoxy in Paros

Visit Paros on August 15 and live unique moments

The holly icon of Panagia Ekatontapiliani in Parikia of Paros


On that particular day, all the churches of the Aegean Seadedicated to Virgin Mary celebrate summer's 'Easter'. Virgin Mary's assumption is celebrated in great splendidness andin a very spiritual atmosphere at the church of Panagia Ekatantopyliani in Paroikia.

It is one of the greatest–probably the biggest– and most well preserved early Christian monuments in Greece.

You find yourself bathing in an atmosphere of sadness and joy during the celebration, with the festivities beginning on the 13th and 14th of August with church services at the church of Panagia Ekatontapyliani and reaching their climaxing pick on the 15th of August, when the litany of the icon of the Virgin Mary takes place through the traditional streets of Paroikia.

Then, it’s time for the celebrations to begin with variousfestive events around Paroikia. A particularly impressive aspect of the celebration happens during the evening, when all the fishing boats parade inside the golf of Paroikia and night becomes day amid all the fireworks lighting up the sky,accompanied by the melody of islands’ songs and traditional dance groups dancing on Paroikia's sea side road.


The town of Naoussa also participates in this celebration, since during the 'Enniamera' (nine days after the 15th of August), on the 22nd and 23rd of August, you have the opportunity to assist various events at the port of Naoussa.

The pirates night at Naoussa of Paros

It is the "Pirates’" night where young men and women from Naoussa dress up in traditional costumes and create the ambiance of eras past, when Pirates ruled the seas, eras ofcastles and big fires. Bathed in that atmosphere, you canwatch men and women perform the reenactment of thekidnapping of the women of Naoussa by Barbarossa's Pirates!

Music and dancing are of course present everywhere you look, which combined with the all the festivities make every visitor get carried awayto an unforgettable festival. The local music, with the sounds of violins and bagpipes, echoes the rhythm and the festive atmosphere throughout the alleys of Naoussa. A unique festival that will keep you up all night and will remain with you forever.


Fireworks the night of fifteenth of August in Parikia Fireworks the night of fifteenth of August in Parikia Litany of the icon of Panagia in Parikia The icon of Panagia Ekatontapiliani in Paros Representation of the pirates night in Naoussa Representation of the pirates night in Naoussa Musical event on the fifteenth of August in Naoussa Representation of the pirates night in Naoussa Representation of the pirates night in Naoussa Representation of the pirates night in Naoussa


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