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Distiller for making souma in Paros

During your stay in Paros you will have the opportunity to taste the exceptional Parian products at the restaurants and taverns of the island.

The local tastes will fascinate you and you will want to buy some of the Parian products to take them home.

Traditional cheeses of Paros, produced by the Agricoltural Cooperatice of Paros and a private diary, xinomizithra, touloumissio, ladotiri and anthotiro can be purchased at the local product shops and at the super markets.

Agricultural Cooperative of Paros

The vineyards of Paros are famous and celebrated since the ancient times, since they produce wines with Protected Designation of Origin (PDO). The white and red wines of the Agricultural Cooperative and of the four modern private wineries of Paros are the best ambassadors for Paros in the world. The lovers of wine will taste the white wine variety Monemvasia, and the red wine variety Mandilaria as well as other varieties such as Vaftra and the black Aidani.

It is not possible to visit Paros without trying its exquisite and famous fish delicacies with souma. Souma is the local raki, a product of single distillation of grapes. The distillers open in autumn to make souma for the family, friends and visitors, who always make sure to take some with them when they leave the island.

Vineyards in Paros

At the local product shops, you will also find thyme honey, produced by the local beekeepers, mainly in July and August. Its quality is excellent and it usually is sold out quickly.

Of course you will also try caper in your salad or use it to add special flavor in other delicacies and sauces. You must buy some to take it home. You will find caper and caper leaves at the super markets and at the local products shops.

And of course you must not forget to try the pastelaria (dry fig pie) and the traditional zaharobaklavas (traditional sweet with walnuts and almonds). They might occupy some space in your suitcase but they will sweeten you and your friends for quite some time.

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