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Traditional products from Paros

Distiller for making souma in Paros

During your stay on Paros, don’t miss out on the opportunity to try great food products, available at shops selling local produce as well as in supermarkets.

You will love the olives and all the cheese varieties of Paros: Xinomizithra, Touloumotyri, Ladotyri, Anthotyro (and more), produced by the Farmers Cooperative of Paros or private cheesemakers.

Traditional products shops also sell thyme honey from local beekeepers, mainly July to August. It is of excellent quality and sells out in a flash.

Agricultural Cooperative of Paros

You certainly need to buy capers and capers leaves, which you can try either with salad or various dishes and sauces

And, of course, don't miss out on trying Paros’ "Samota" figs, its spoon sweets, "pastelaria" (local type of brittles) or some traditional candy called "zacharobaklavades".

They will surely take up some of the space in your luggage, but will make yours and your friends life sweeter for some time!

No doubt a well-balanced meal is complemented by well-baked bread straight from the island’s traditional bakeries, though a bottle of wine from the famous vineyards of Paros with their renown varieties, such as a Mandilaria Red and a Monemvasia White, is no less of a treat.

Vineyards in Paros

The vineyards of Paros have been known since antiquity for producing wines and are marked with Protected Designation of Origin (PDO). The white and red wines from the Farmers Cooperative of Paros, as well as four modern private wineries operating on the island, are the proud face of Paros around the world. Wine lovers will taste white wine of the Monemvasia variety, red of the Mandilaria variety, and other varieties, such as Vaftra and Mavro Aidani.

And for tsipouro lovers, there’s the famous "Souma" of Paros, a perfect accompaniment for all kinds of appetisers.

That’s local Raki, a product of the first distillation from grape mass. Distillation units fire up in fall to produce Souma for family, friends and visitors who, after having some, proceed to stock up a few gallons “to-take” before heading back home.

The visitors can taste local delicacies in the restaurants, the tavernas and the fish tavernas which mainly serve local products.

The flavours of Paros are plenty and unique. It is certainly worth tasting them!

Explore the cuisine of Paros

The Parians, as well as the people of the other islands of the Cyclades complex, have learned to be happy with the few products the earth and sea could provide. The particularity of Cyclades’ nature played a leading part in food habits of Paros.

Therefore, the products coming from the Parian earth and sea have a leading part in Paros' gastronomy.

Fruit and vegetables, growing on hill slopes, grapevines and olive trees and every other product that nature offers unsparingly: greens, mushrooms, caper, snails, oregano and various herbs.

The traditional sun dried fish -gouna- of Paros

Paros' cuisine is based on all these products while fish and meat were rarely found on the Parian table. The Parian housewives, however, found a way to combine the available products and created tastes that are today characteristic of Paros' cuisine.

With the course of time, the food habits were affected, as it is natural, by immigrants and also there are more available products since communication with the big urban centers is easier now. However, the basis of those food habits didn’t change. Simplicity and plain tastes still characterize the cuisine of Paros. Parians enjoy gathering around the table to eat, which is often an occasion for communication and feast.

Traditional spoon sweet

Food in Paros is not only delicious but also of high nutritional value. It is worth tasting chick peas that are cooked all night long in a wood burning oven, casserole snails, snails with garlic sauce, delicious fish dishes such as sun dried gouna (mackerel), string bean salad with garlic sauce...

Traditional souma (like tsipouro) accompanied with parian figs


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