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Paros offers to the fans of trekking the opportunity to discover another side of the island. If you follow longer or shorter trekking routes, according to your mood and your physical condition, the nature of Paros will fascinate you. Here, each season has its beauty.

On the island there are many paths that the residents of Paros used to follow to reach to fields, beaches, country churches etc. Many of them are preserved today but they are mostly used for trekking, since cars have now access to almost anywhere on the island.

On the mountainous part of the island, if you follow the paths you will enjoy nature, the flowers and all kinds of plants. In the summer, you will enjoy the smells of sage, oregano and other herbs and of course the wonderful view all year round, when the weather allows it. If you follow the coastal paths you will enjoy the sea breeze, the smell of iodine and sand lilies. Most of the paths in Paros have been mapped, marked and cleaned, in order to be easier to follow.

Lefkes - Agios Georgios (St. George)

If you start from the central mountainous village of Paros, Lefkes, you can choose between two routes. One of them will take you to beautiful locations, crossing the pinewood of Lefkes and it will lead you to the eastern coastline. Start your walk following the road to Agia Kiriaki and after you bypass the village on its southern side, you will get to the ruins of the four mills on the hill. You can stop there to enjoy the view. If you continue, you will get past the monastery of Saint Kiriaki and at the first crossroads, after a few meters, turn right and you will enter the difficult part of the route.

The trail from Lefkes to Agios Georgios

It is a steep ascent of about one hundred meters. After that, the road gets easier. It is spiral but the nature is beautiful with terraces, olive trees and vines. You will find another crossroads and you have to turn left. The road is downhill and leads to Afklaki. Here you will see a torrent, probably the only one in Paros, which has water till the beginning of the summer.

Walking at the paths of Paros

If you continue, you will find Saint Arsenios, a small beautiful church. Then, go down the stone stairs and following the streambed you will get to massive imposing rocks. Continue walking uphill through oleanders and cypresses to reach to a spring under a shelter, where you can take a rest. Then, keep walking towards Marpissa. At the first crossroads turn right to go to the monastery of Saint George of Lagadas.

Marathi – Thapsana

At the ancient quarries of Marathi there is the starting point of another pleasant trekking route on Paros. From there, enter into the settlement of Marathi and follow the dirt road that passes before the ruined buildings of the French company that used to quarry marble (the famous lychnites), in the end of the 19th century. Here, you can visit the quarry galleries (the cave of the nymphs and of Pan).

The trail Kostos-Santa Maria in Paros

If you continue following the dirt road, you will pass from the modern slaughterhouses (they opened recently) and you will get to a crossroads. If you turn right, you will go to the monastery of Saint Minas and if you go left, the road will take you to the area Vounia, and on the way there, you will see many houses, one of which is preserved by its owner D. Roussos and it could be described as a folklore museum. You can visit it.

On your way back, reaching to the road to Parikia, cross the bridge of Elitas, follow the dirt road and get to the area Thapsana. It is an idyllic virgin landscape. At this area you will find the monastery of Panagia Myrtidiotissa (the Virgin Mary of the Myrtles), which is a monastery for nuns.

Here, you can choose among many paths. There is a path to Agii Pantes (All Saints), another to Saint Minas, and a path to Parikia, passing through the manganese quarries.

Lefkes - Aliki

Those of you who are fans of trekking and have stamina can try to follow the route from Lefkes to Aliki. Walk uphill from Lefkes to Agii Pantes (All Saints), which is the highest summit of Paros (776 m.). You will pass from Agios Giannis Kaparos, Agios Georgios, Aneratza and Kamari, which is a real challenge.

A part of the Byzantine route in the village Lefkes in Paros

All along the route there are dry stone walls, vines and olive trees, mountain herbs, plots with fruit-bearing trees and vegetables, underbrush, cedars and lentisks. When you get to Agii Theodori (Saints Theodores), you have two choices. If you continue to the right, the road leads to Agairia and to the left it leads to Aspro Chorio and to Drios and if you continue, you will get to Aliki, where you can take a dip into its cool waters.

The route is 20 kilometers long and it will take you about 6 hours to cover it, including the stop to rest and have a snack.

Along the way, you will go up to Agii Pantes (All Saints) and you will reach to the church of the Prophet Helias, which is located on the summit. From there, you have a view of a big part of the Cyclades complex of islands. You will also pass from the monastery of Saints Theodores (1928), which is a monastery of nuns. At this point there are two choices. To the right, the road leads to Agairia and to the left it leads to Aspro Chorio and to Drios. Whichever direction you follow, you will get to the beach.

Cape Korakas & Cape Almiros

If you prefer the coastal routes, you can depart from Kolimpithres to go to Cape Korakas, where you can admire the lighthouse. If you walk along the coast and you get past the monastery of Saint John Detis, you will get to Cape Almiros and then, you can follow the same route back to Kolimpithres. The route is about 12 kilometers long. From the beach in front of the monastery of Saint John Detis, if you don’t turn back to Kolimpithres, you can also continue left on the mountain, and go down to a beautiful bay, which is ideal for swimming and then, the coastal path will take you to the Turk's coast (Gialos tou Tourkou), a beautiful beach with deep blue waters.

The church of Agios Ioannis Detis in Paros

The Byzantine Route Lefkes – Prodromos – Marpissa

The old byzantine path also known as "the byzantine route" leads from the picturesque village Lefkes to the village Prodromos, and it is one of the classic paths of Paros. It will take you a little bit more than one hour. The path is paved with marble plates and it passes through the beautiful nature of Paros, full of aromas from thyme, oregano, sage and crops.

When you arrive in Prodromos, take the path that leads to Marpissa and to the summit of the hill Kefalos, where the monastery of Saint Anthony is located. There is also another path that leads from Prodromos to the beach of Drios.

Part of the Byzantine route in Paros

Some routes in numbers

Parikia – Kakapetra – Thapsana - Marathi
Route length: 10,8km
Height above sea level min 9 m – max 482 m
Height difference of ascension 509 m – of descent 363 m
Difficulty level: Medium

Route length: 11,48km
Height above sea level min 9 m – max 286 m
Height difference of ascension 398 m – of descent 335 m
Difficulty level: Medium

Kamari-Anerantza-Ag. Pantes
Route length: 6,7km
Height above sea level min 98 m – max 672 m
Height difference of ascension 600 m – of descent 37 m
Difficulty level: Hard

Molos-Tsoukalia-Ambelas-Santa Maria
Route length: 12,8km
Height above sea level min 0 m – max 36 m
Height difference of ascension 26 m – of descent 26 m
Difficulty level: Easy

Lefkes-Ag. Kiriaki-Afkoulaki-Ag. Georgios-Langada-Lefkes
Route length: 12,76km
Height above sea level min 103 m – max 466 m
Height difference of ascension 721 m – of descent 604 m
Difficulty level: Hard

Lefkes-Langada-Aspro Chorio-Drios
Route length: 10km
Height above sea level min 18 m – max 473 m
Height difference of ascension 330 m – of descent 559 m
Difficulty level: Hard

Marathi-Ancient quarries-Vounia-Lefkes
Route length: 5,51km
Height above sea level min 152 m – max 385 m
Height difference of ascension 283 m – of descent 241 m
Difficulty level: Hard

Byzantine route-Marpissa
Route length: 5,5km
Height above sea level min 10 m – max 201 m
Height difference of ascension 85 m – of descent 233 m
Difficulty level: Medium

Route length: 11,56km
Height above sea level min 28 m – max 323 m
Height difference of ascension 368 m – of descent 515 m
Difficulty level: Medium

Route length: 10,6km
Height above sea level min 1 m – max 257 m
Height difference of ascension 736 m – of descent 880 m
Difficulty level: Easy

Kostos-Santa Maria
Route length: 12,61km
Height above sea level min 0 m – max 480 m
Height difference of ascension 462 m – of descent 602 m
Difficulty level: Easy


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